DENOx Engineering for SCR and SNCR Systems


ANCR® + SCR = hybrid reduction

The hybrid system is a combination of the ANCR® system with a catalytic system.

Most of NOx emissions are reduced with the ANCR® system. The remaining NOx reduction takes place with a controlled NH3 injection in front of the catalyzer. The key advantage of this system configuration is a highly effective mode of operation combined with significantly smaller catalyst volume. (compared to classic SCR systems).

This innovative technology is especially used for industries with very high initial NOx emissions (raw gas NOx of 2000mg NOx/ nm3, for example). The plants can be operated with ammonium hydroxide or urea solution.

System benefits:

  • Very high NOx reduction rates (e.g. 2000 mg NOx/nm³ → 200 mg NOx/nm³)
  • No NH3 slip
  • Small catalyst with low pressure loss
  • Easier integration into existing plants
  • Significantly reduced consumption of reduction agent
  • Optimized NOx emission regulation (NOx Cruise Control)
  • Comparatively low investment costs
  • Significantly reduced operational costs

Industrial application:

  • Cement works
  • Waste incinerations
  • Ceramic industry
  • Glass industry

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