DENOx Engineering for SCR and SNCR Systems

Injection Lances

System information and features:

For our plants we produce injection lances for ammonia or urea in various designs – specifically adapted to the current case of application. Depending on the combustion chamber size and reaction time the appropriate lance is used:

Ammonia Injection Lance

Ammonia Injection Lance

Rotating Lance

Tilting Lance

System Benefits:

  • Distinct reduction of the NOx emissions
  • Essential decrease in NH3 slip (3–5 mg/nm³)
  • Reactant mass conservation (–30 to –50 % compared to other conventional systems)
  • Controlled NOx emission regulation (NOx Cruise Control)
  • Comparatively low investment costs
  • Significant operating cost savings

Industrial Application:

  • Coal-fired power stations
  • Waste to Energy Plants
  • Cement works
  • Ceramic industry
  • Glass industry

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