DENOx Engineering for SCR and SNCR Systems

Specialist for SNCR and SCR Technologies (DENOx)

We provide a portfolio of modern technologies for NOx emission reduction (SNCR & SCR) in the field of industrial flue gas cleaning - modern DENOx technology for a reduction of up to -90% of NOx emissions. In addition to consulting, planning and construction of environmental plants, we also offer services such as installation, commissioning and after sales services. Our experienced and well trained team will be happy to hear your requests. If you are looking for a cost-efficient system for NOx reduction or want to optimize the operating costs of your existing NOx control System MAL Umwelttechnik is your competent partner.

MAL Umwelttechnik can help improve your bottom line with a solution that best meets your needs. MAL Umwelttechnik offers advice and know how to help you optimize your consumption of NOx control reagents to ensure maximum performance without over-injection, thus reducing your reagent costs. You can rely on MAL Umwelttechnik to fully understand your business and your needs as we are a experienced expert in ammonia, urea, SCR and SNCR technology.

MAL UMwelttechnik offers a close, sustainable and long-term partnership. Our continuous support over the whole lifetime of your installations guarantees a smooth and cost effective operation.

Mission Statement: MAL Umwelttechnik protects the environment and and contributes to a sound relation of ecology and economy.

Nitrous oxides (NOx) are gaseous nitrogen compounds produced in all industrial combustion processes that irritate and damage the breathing apparatus, form aggressive ground-level ozone and greenhouse gases. Nitrous oxides (NOx) are reduced to nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O). This technological method is provided by MAL in a absolute satisfying manner so that all current regulations can be met. Our Mission is related to the well being of future generations. Ecology becomes the engine for innovation and is the foundation of the economic succcess of MAL Umwelttechnik.

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Cement Plant - Profit by Retrofit

A retrofit of existing SNCR installation can have remarkable reduction of operational costs, by an ANCR system. OPEX savings of -30% are achievable. ROI within one year!

Cement Plant: -75% NOx emission reduction

A 4500 tpd precalciner kiln line were equipped with a state-of-the-art ANCR® system to reduce the NOx emissions to the new limits.The ANCR system allows a NOx emission reduction presently up to -75%. The system is designed flexible to be able to react fully automatically on changes in fuel or kiln operations. Reduction agent is a 25% ammonia-water solution, better effective that urea at that kiln line. Commissioned in 2016/17.

Coal fired Power Plant - SNCR

The SNCR system is supplied with an ammonia water solution as DeNOx plant for a CFB boiler in Poland.

Special nozzles have been used in order to guarantee a high NOx reduction in all load cases.

This System includes:

  • truck unloading skid
  • storage tank with 70 m³ for NH4OH
  • transfer pumping station
  • electrical measuring and controlling
  • dosing and measuring module
  • SNCR injection lances

Coal fired power plant in Chile – SCR

For denitrification of NOx emissions at a power plant in Chile (power 4 x 152 MW) a pure NH3 ammonia plant (liquefied under pressure) was supplied and includes:

  • ammonia storage tank
  • unloading skid
  • unloading compressor
  • ammonia evaporizer
  • Dilution air heater
  • AFCU (ammonia flow contorol unit)
  • AIG (ammonia injection grid in front of catalyst)
  • S7 Simatic control
  • safety equipment

Stationary diesel power plant - SCR

A DENOX plant, operating on a 40% urea solution, was delivered to a diesel power plant with 12 engines, each of them with 20MW.

This urea processing includes:

  • urea storage tanks 6 x 250m
  • transfer pump station
  • proportioning pump station
  • mixing tank 2 x 11m3
  • piping to the injection in front of the catalyzer

Martime flue gas cleaning

M.A.L. recently delivered a station for the denitrification of NOx emissions to a working vessel.

A type of denitrification, which is unique in the world, has been built on the base of dry urea. The granular urea has been delivered in Big Bags and stored in an urea silo on the ship. The granulated urea is being dissolved in the mixing tank. This urea solution is pumped to the front and back engine of the ship via transfer pumps and injected in front of the catalyzer.

The advantage of that system is a lower tank volume on the ship which thus can spend considerably more time at sea without the need to refuel. Logistics are reduced to a minimum.

Waste incineration flue gas cleaning - SNCR

In order to comply with the EU-wide NOx emissions of under 100mg/nm³ for waste incinerations in the future, M.A.L. Environmental Technology has provided an innovative technique to ensure this.The SNCR plant (selective non-catalytic reduction) has been equipped with a measurement which is used to measure the temperature. With the help of this analysis, rotary injection lances are aligned accordingly, which inject into the appropriate temperature window in the flue gas flow.

Die SNCR-Anlage (selektive nichtkatalytische Entstickung) wurde mit Messungen ausgestattet, die online verwendet wird um die Temperatur zu erfassen. Auf Basis dieser Analyse werden drehbare Injektor-Lanzen angesteuert, die in das richtige Temperaturfenster im Rauchgasstrom einspritzen. Ergebnis: Niedrigste NOx-Emissionen und weniger Reaktionsmittel bei gleichzeitig geringem Schlupf (kleiner als 10 mg/Nm³).

This method allows for the lowest NOx emission rates. Also, reactant volume can be saved together with a low slip under 10mg/nm³.

Coal fired power plant - SCR

M.A.L. has equipped two coal fired power plants (660 MW) in Israel with SCR system components for a U2A (Urea to Ammonia) system.

Included are:

  • demi water preheater
  • unloading skid for dry and liquid urea
  • dissolving tank with agitator
  • instrumentation for storage tank
  • product gas manifold
  • ammonia flow control unit (AFCU)
  • dilution air heater skid
  • static mixer
  • N2 high pressure reducer station
  • (200 bar > 10 bar)

Waste incineration - SCR

An SNCR plant was built for a waste-fired boiler (WIP), which operates on a 24,5% ammonium hydroxide solution (NH4OH).

This plant includes:

  • discharging pump station
  • storage tank 40m³
  • transfer pump station
  • engineering
  • S7 Simatic controller
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