DENOx Engineering for SCR and SNCR Systems

Specialist for SNCR and SCR Technologies (DENOx)

We provide a portfolio of modern technologies for NOx emission reduction (SNCR & SCR) in the field of industrial flue gas cleaning - modern DENOx technology for a reduction of up to -90% of NOx emissions. In addition to consulting, planning and construction of environmental plants, we also offer services such as commissioning and after sales services. Our experienced and well trained team will be happy to hear your requests. If you are looking for a cost-efficient system for NOx reduction or want to optimize the operating costs of your existing NOx control System MAL DeNOx Systems is your competent partner.

MAL DeNOx Systems can help improve your bottom line with a solution that best meets your needs. MAL DeNOx Systems offers advice and know how to help you optimize your consumption of NOx control reagents to ensure maximum performance without over-injection, thus reducing your reagent costs. You can rely on MAL DeNOx Systems to fully understand your business and your needs as we are a experienced expert in ammonia, urea, SCR and SNCR technology.

MAL DeNOx Systems offers a close, sustainable and long-term partnership. Our continuous support over the whole lifetime of your installations guarantees a smooth and cost effective operation.

Mission Statement: MAL DeNOx Systems protects the environment and and contributes to a sound relation of ecology and economy.

Nitrous oxides (NOx) are gaseous nitrogen compounds produced in all industrial combustion processes that irritate and damage the breathing apparatus, form aggressive ground-level ozone and greenhouse gases. Nitrous oxides (NOx) are reduced to nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O). This technological method is provided by MAL DeNOx Systems in a absolute satisfying manner so that all current regulations can be met. Our Mission is related to the well being of future generations. Ecology becomes the engine for innovation and is the foundation of the economic succcess of MAL DeNOx Systems.

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