DENOx Engineering for SCR and SNCR Systems

AIG Injection Grid

AIG injection grid specially designed for the SCR technique

For the conversion of NOx emissions, the SCR catalyst needs ammonia (NH3). To ensure an optimal result, the injection of gaseous NH3 has to be evenly and constantly distributed across the entire flue gas cross-sectional area. The MAL DeNox Systems injection grids are specifically adapted for the utilization/usage of the SCR catalyst and are dimensioned accordingly.

Additionally, we supply components such as ammonia vaporizer stations and mixed air skids to provide a perfectly matched unit.

Different injection grids for ammonia, ammonia water or urea

System benefits:

Combined with the processing of ammonia the AIG injection grid provides an exceedingly even distribution of the gaseous NH3 in the flue gas flow in front of the SCR catalyst.

Industrial application:

  • SCR catalyst

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