DENOx Engineering for SCR and SNCR Systems

Our Business

As a process engineering office dedicated to the design and construction of industrial facilities, we are met with a wide range of tasks. Our core competency lies within the domain of flue gas denitrification for plants which operate on the SNCR or on the SCR principle.

New development allows by permanent gas-temperature measurement, reducing agent regulation and control of dynamically regulated injection lances to realize very low emissions of NOx and NH3- slip, according to the new EU directives.

For monitoring and controlling purposes of our DENOX systems as well as for process optimization, we design and program fully automated PLC control systems with corresponding visualization.

We have high experience in DENOX systems for the following industrial applications:

  • Thermal power plants (coal fired, CFB, Biomass...)
  • Waste incinerators (WTE, incinerators, combustion chambers...)
  • Cement - & lime industry (preheater and precalciner kilns)
  • Denitrification of flue gas in the maritime sector

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